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About Me

Hi!  I'm originally from Michigan, a Motown girl at heart and loyal Detroit sports fan.  I know, my teams are currently rebuilding, but we are die-hard fans!  My family moved to Texas where I started off as a TV journalist, found a passion for acting then became a jack of all trades.  My creative endeavors not only had me working as a writer, reporter and video producer, but as a specialized bartender, floral designer, and professional Christmas decorator.  I'm one of eight children.  We are extremely close. When it comes to helping out friends and family...I'm there!  I love traveling, experiencing different foods, literature, music, but most of all hanging with my sibs where I usually end up being bartender at our family gatherings! 

Lourdes Regala has performed in film, network television, commercials, corporate films, and internet productions. Although she hails from the Midwest, her Asian

Pacific and Spanish background has cast her in many diverse roles.  Family commitments stalled her acting pursuits, but she came back rejuvenated by recently completing the short film, “Roling On”Written and directed by Stuart Wolpert (IMDB), it's a showcase of Lourdes' acting talent following her through a multitude of auditions trying to break Hollywood’s stereotype of ethnics. Her first scene introducing her as ”just a Midwestern girl from Detroit.” This landed her a lead in the film short," The Prophecy of  Skara Brae".  A delightful surprise was when a film clip for U2’s 2017 Joshua Tree World Tour Concert made the final cut in the stage film. It was presented during the performance of “One Tree Hill” where she proudly represents Native Americans. Other appearances have been on the ID Network in “Unusual Suspects” and “Choices”, an independent film which won the 2012 Cannes Best Film Award. She also had the pleasure of working in “Date Night” with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. Lourdes has performed on stage in Los Angeles with the Group Repertory Theater in NoHo and with Drama West Productions. In LA she also landed a fun gig displaying her comedic side with a group of stand up comics performing sketches at The Comedy Store. As a journalist, television credits include real reporting jobs on WFAA-TV (ABC affiliate in Dallas) and cable TV, as well as appearances on “The Practice” and network TV movies/series. She has also been booked as a host/spokesperson for numerous corporate, industrial, and internet projects. Behind the scenes as a freelance video producer/writer, her latest project had her working with native Texan celebrities on stories commemorating Texas’ 175th anniversary of statehood. A few of the native Texan celebrities she wrangled are: Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy), Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) and stand up comic Bill Engvall. Lourdes, like most fans from the Detroit area, has a very well rounded knowledge of sports (hockey and football are her favs!) which scored her a few reporting gigs with MSG Sports Network out of New York. She is well traveled and has worked with people of all ages and walks of life, enhancing her ability as an actress and every job she undertakes. Her most memorable roles: playing an assassin in an independent film and “Malinche” a character of historical and mythological intrigue on stage.

Height: 5'3"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black


THE PROPHECY OF SKARA BRAE                                          Lucy (Lead)                            Director:  Will DaRosa

ROLING ON                                                                                Lourdes (Lead)                       Director:  Stuart Wolpert

U2 WORLD TOUR "ONE TREE HILL" (Stage Film)                 Native American                    Director:  Anton Cobijn

CHOICES (2012 Cannes Best Film Short Winner)                ER Patient                              Director:  Michael Kirkland

DATE NIGHT                                                                              Book Club Member                Director:  Shawn Levy/20th Century Fox

THROUGH THE FIRE                                                                Assassin                                  Director:  Gary Marcum

A TIME TO LOVE                                                                       Doctor                                      Director:  Lee Smalley


UNUSUAL SUSPECTS:  STONE COLD KILLER                        Principal                                  Director:  Mike Phillips

THE PRACTICE                                                                           Co-Star                                    Director:  Mel Damski

WAITING FOR AN ANGEL                                                          Co-Star/UPN MOW                Director:  Rob Hedden

WITNESS TO THE EXECUTION                                                 Co-Star/NBC MOW                Director:  Tommy Lee Wallace

THE FINAL MOO                                                                         Supporting/Cable Pilot           Director:  Jeffery Reese

'TRIAL PRICE OF PASSION                                                       Co-Star/NBC Mini Series        Director:  Paul Wendkos

VANISHING SON                                                                        Co-Star                                      Director:  Jesus Trevino

BARNEY                                                                                      Co-Star                                      Director:  Jim Rowley

DALLAS                                                                                       Co-Star                                      Director:  Leonard Katzman

SPORTSCHANNEL                                                                    Reporter                                     Director:  Marc Ryan

VNR BUSINESS NEWS                                                             Reporter                                     Director:  Ray Scott

LETN/ROLL CALL                                                                      Reporter                                     Director:  John Miller

WFAA-TV WEEKEND NEWS                                                     Reporter                                     Director:  Marty Haag

RICHARDSON TODAY                                                              Anchor                                        Director:  Jesse McClain


ENTER LAUGHING                                                                    Angela (Lead)                           Group Repertory Theater-NOHO

BUTTERFLY                                                                               Cho Cho San (Lead)                  Drama West Productions-LA

STATE OF THE ART                                                                   Kelly                                           Group Repertory Theater-NOHO

CLOSETS                                                                                    Blanca                                       Group Repertory Theater-NOHO

LA MALINCHE                                                                            Malinche (Lead)                       Teatro Dallas-Dallas, TX


A BELLY FULL OF LAUGHS                                                      Comedy Sketches (Lead)        Babylon Productions/The Comedy Store-LA

CAR PAYMENTS                                                                       Improvisational Group             Dallas, TX



Training &

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON                                Bachelor of Arts

STUART WOLPERT                                                                  Master Class -LA

HAL MASONBERG                                                                   Commercials-LA

MARIA O'BRIEN                                                                        Scene Study-LA

MARK HAINING                                                                        Scene Study-LA

JOAN DARLING                                                                         Scene Study/Shakespeare-LA

DON RICHARDSON                                                                 Scene Study-UCLA

MARK SIKES                                                                             Cold Reading-LA

STANLEY SOBLE                                                                      Monologues-LA

STANLEY ZAREFF                                                                     Improv/Scene Study-NY

MICHELLE CONDREY                                                              Cold Reading/Scene Study-Dallas

PETER FLOOD                                                                          Scene Study-Dallas

CLIFF OSMOND                                                                        Scene Study-Dallas

JOANIE GERBER                                                                       Voice Over-Dallas


Excellent knowledge of Legal, Medical and Sports terminology, Nurse's Aide, Teaching Assistant, Former Member-Texas State Guard,

TV Field Producer, Magazine/TV News/Legal Settlement Documentary Writer & Producer, Teleprompter, Rollerblading, Ice Skating, Swimming, Water/Snow Skiing, Taoist Stretches, Bartender, Florist, Manual Gear Shift, Worked with Children & Elderly, Avid Football & Ice Hockey Fan.  Current Passport & DL.     Fully Vaccinated.

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